Jan 24, 2012

[WIP] McLaren MP4-12C for rFactor 2

Hi everyone, today I will show you first screenshots of McLaren MP4-12C ingame rFactor 2. I also announce that I move this mod for rFactor 2, I will not release this mod for rFactor anymore.

Jan 6, 2012

Carbon Fiber Skin for Vectra

This is a carbon fiber style skin for the Vectra, is made with his own team, so no files will be overwritten, inside you will find the psd just for edit your name/team.
Just extract the files in your GSC folder.

Download link:

How to Edit driver name and team:

To edit the skin just open it with photoshop, you will see the layers ready to edit. Example: open GScala.psd on the bottom right you'll see the layers, double click on the Names & Numbers layer, here you can edit all the numbers and names with the Type Tool. After that you have to click on Layer an then Flatten Image, save it with this options: .dds, DXT 5 Interpolated Alpha. Here you can download the Photoshop plugin to open/edit/save dds files: http://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop.

To edit the name team and driver for the menu just open the .veh files with notepad (GameData\Vehicles\StockV8\CUSTOM), you will see this:

Description="StockCar V8: GScala #14"
Classes="StockV8" DO NOT EDIT THIS


Category="Stock Car V8"

Jan 5, 2012

Toban Raceway Park track update

This track update provides a whole new texture to the track originally done by ISI in the rFactor Base game. The new textures bring the track to life with a more realistic racing atmosphere (I hope so!).

This is only an textures update, you need to have the original circuit first! Don't worry NO ONLINE MISMATCH!


Just extract the file end copy and past to rFactor folder, when asking to overwrite choose yes to all

Below you can download the update (this is only an textures update, you need to have the original circuit first!):

McLaren MP4-12C

Hi guys, following some screenshots of McLaren MP4-12C W.I.P. I'm working on this car from 1 and half year, I have done many upgrades to recreate the many options you have in the real one!