May 13, 2013

[rF2] Ferrari 458 Italia GT2/GTE WIP

Another conversion I'm working on! I have got the permission from TopGun to convert his fantastic mod from GTR2, I have encoutered some problem and still have but as the BPR Series conversion i'm working on the shaders and textures but I think the result is quite good!

[rF2] BPR Global GT Series Ferrari F40 GTE WIP Screenshots

It's time to show some work in progress of the conversion of this fantastic series. Today I'll show some screenshots of the Ferrari F40 GTE. The car is very wip, I'm trying set up properly shaders and textures to have best result, this is the work at the moment:

Dec 17, 2012

[rF] New racegroove texture

Hi guys, I have made a new racegroove texture that raplace the stock one by ISI, hope you like it!








Just extract the file on rFactor/GameData/Locations
No original files will overwritten. If you don't like just delete it.